Free Reverse Phoen - Dont Use!

Once people realize there's no such thing as a free reverse cell phoen directory, the big question is - why not?  After all, there are plenty of free reverse lookup sites for land line numbers.  What's the difference?

Well, the difference is the classification of the information.  Your home telephoen number is considered public domain information and has been for decades.  That's why no one has to ask your permission to publish your number in the telephoen book.  In fact, sometimes you have to pay a fee to keep your name OUT of those phoen books (i.e., to get it unlisted or non-published).

Cell phoen numbers are generally more private, since you're charged for every call you receive, including telemarketers you don't want to talk to (although it's illegal for them to call your cell phoen without permission!).  That's why cell phoen numbers are typically harder to track down